Omega Internet Settings

1. Open up Internet Explorer.

2. Go to "Tools" in the top left hand corner, and then choose "Internet Options".

3. Choose the "Connections" Tab.

4. Your screen should look like the picture below.

If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME there may be another option underneath "Always dial my default connection" that says "Perform system security check before dialing" which should not have a check in it.

5. Next click on the "Settings" button (Not the "LAN Settings"). The new window should look like the picture below, only with your username instead of "johndoe". Also note that in Windows XP there are more dots for the password than the actual number of characters in your password. This is simply to disguise how long your actual password is.

6. Now click on the "Properties" button just to the right of your username as shown in the picture above. This will open the window shown in the picture below. make sure that you have the same phone number 765-4041. You do not need to use the area code unless you are dialing from out of town.

7. Pone Number Options For...

a. Call waiting
   -If you have call waiting on your phone line you can temporarily disable it when you use the internet by putting a "*70," in front of the phone number.

b. Phone systems that require you to dial 9 before dialing.
   -To dial 9 to get out of your building to connect to the internet put a "9" with one or two comma's following it, like "9,,".

Don't forget after you make any changes to click on "Ok" when you are finished.